Digital Marketing, Websites and Software for Opticians

What is Raven & Macaw?

Raven & Macaw is a fully integrated digital solution exclusively for the Optical Industry. From Digital Marketing to Websites Design to Software for Opticians (a.k.a Raven Optical Management Software or R.O.M.S), we bring ease right to your doorstep. This way, you can save time, money and ultimately do what you do best – save eyes.

Born from the collaboration between an Independent Optometrist and a Digital Marketing specialist, with combined 30+ years in the Optical Industry, rest assured that we understand exactly where the shoe hurts.

With our robust, tried, and tested formula for Websites Design, Digital Marketing and Practice Management Software uniquely for Opticians, we will take you to the forefront of what is possible in a digital world of infinite possibilities. This means beating competitors, increasing appointments & sales and being at the top of your ideal clients’ mind.

Do what you do best and focus on providing quality eye care services and excellent customer service to your clients and leave the rest to us to seamlessly grow your practice online with zero stress.

Be Creative, Be Intelligent…
Choose Raven & Macaw and Work Smartly!

Our People

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs.

Our team of young, vibrant, and energetic creatives, are ready to leverage on their skillsets to achieve your goal. The team is sectioned into two – the Ravens and the Macaws. Ravens comprise of the brilliant minds behind developing and building websites to ensure contents are unique and efficient, while Macaws are a set of creative minds working daily to put out contagious content. Collectively, they bring a wealth of experience to achieve excellent goals in the Optical Marketing industry.

Why we're different


Digital consumers are very particular about what companies put up. There are  occurrences where untrue and unacceptable claims are made, which breaks a company’s reputation. Mainly because the company’s operations are not aware of it. At Raven & Macaw, the reputation of our clients is one of the topmost priorities. We keep brand integrity in the digital market, because we are customer-driven.

Par Excellence

Another essential thing that sets us apart is our strive for excellence. In a world where there is so much about brand identity, our team ensures all projects are executed perfectly to the client’s satisfaction. Simply put, Raven & Macaw is all about quality and uniqueness, presented in all its grandeur.

Socially Responsible

We are socially responsible and passionate about making the world a better place. Our aims include uncovering hidden talent, providing opportunities and providing free glasses and eye tests.

The Raven and Macaw Foundation was created to provide free and easy access to eye health care, especially in remote and rural areas in Africa. Statistics show a limitation in eye care in these areas. The Raven and Macaw foundation is here to make the world see better!

Innovation First

“What’s now proved was once only imagined” – Unknown.

We are tailored to provide clients with what they want while providing their audience the information they need. Our goal is to ensure your target market is reached by creating beneficial content through various means, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital campaigns, and content marketing. Social media is one of the platforms we leverage to enhance the client’s ability to connect with their consumers/customers or target audience, immediately creating a B2B or B2C relationship on a ground of trust and quality through innovation.

Meet the Founders

Founded by an Optometrist Practice Owner and an e-commerce expert with a combined 30+ years of experience in their respective fields, we now have a team of 15+ Ravens (geeks) & Macaws (creatives) taking Independent Opticians to a whole new level. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather, flock together’.

Why the name Raven & Macaw?


Corvus corax are birds commonly found and seen ranging in the Northern Hemisphere. They were known to have accompanied people going hunting in their wagons and sleighs to find a meal. They are among the smartest birds claimed to have solved problems invented by intelligent scientists. They fill up empty spaces with an echoing croak. Hence, why we chose the name – Raven. It represents one of the two values we put out, which is; smart work and a solved problem. Our software and web development team are the Ravens, in charge of all the highly sophisticated & technical work such as programming, server architecture, database admin and security. You are in safe hands. We have the most intelligent people on our team, ready to solve puzzling problems, dot the I’s and cross the T’s as soon as your project is received.


Psittacidae are parrots, of which six are classified as Macaws. The big-sized birds are not hard to miss because of their vibrant creative colours. They are friendly and affectionate birds, also known to be raucous. They are creative by nature and love activities that challenge them. This makes up the second part of our name. The characteristics represent what our company is all about! We take on challenges; we are all about customer satisfaction and still strive for excellence with the great minds we have on our team. Our Marketing team are the Macaws. They are responsible for cool and highly creative campaigns.

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