A Raven website is essentially just an online display room. The same way customers can locate your shop in the real world and walk in to have a look at the frames you have on display, they can also find you online and surf through the frames you have on your site or rather, search for specific frames and you pop up since each frame page on your website is indexed by search engines. The availability of automatic periodic updates has eliminated the problem of time consumption when updating a Raven website. More so, a Raven website includes all product specifications such as description, size, gender, and so on.

Products Catalog & Management
Customer Support + Chat
Virtual Try-on Integration
Automatic Periodic Updates
Product Specifications
Sync with Tradegecko Account


What we do when working on a Macaw website project is to create a navigation friendly website with ease of accessibility be it on desktop or on mobile, this serves users with an introductory insight to your practice in the best exclusive way possible. The key element found in a Macaw website is a function that allows potential patients to book an appointment. This is definitely the ideal place to start for your practice, to really hit the top gear.

Appointment Booking System
Customer Support + Chat
Introductory Insight to your Practice
Mobile-first design emphasis
Friendly Navigation


The E-commerce website consists of options for full-frame catalogs of the number of frames you want, with a fully integrated payment system(s). It also allows you to offer either one of contact lenses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses or all of them for sale. The navigation friendly and dazzling display we offer helps greatly in increasing conversion and reducing dropouts before check out. With our expertise, you’re sure to present your brand exquisitely and turn visitors into buyers.

Virtual Try-on Integration
PD Measurer Integration
Prescription Entry System
100% Secure Payments
Customer Support + Chat
Emphasis on Speed

Case Studies

Website Add-ons

PD Measurer

This is a convenient solution to eliminate the hindrance of patients not having their PD measurement at the time of consultation or purchase of eye-wear. It offers a very quick and easy means for patients or customers to measure their PD or Pupillary Distance. It is a very easy-to-use and intuitive feature that can be easily included on your website, to be accessible via a link and to also ensure maximum efficiency in the delivery of service.

Virtual Try-on

By opting for the Virtual Try-on add-on to be included on your website, you allow your customers to see how they look wearing any of the frames you have in stock, using a webcam or their phone cameras. The VTO feature also allows customers to upload images so that they can ‘try on’ their favourite frames or any other frames. It works seamlessly on desktop, tablets as well as smartphones. Suitable for Raven and E-commerce websites.

Prescription Lenses

Before customers place their order, it is important for them to understand the differences between the various types of corrective lenses. But with the array of glasses available today, the decision to choose the best lenses could be overwhelming. This add-on allows your E-commerce website cater for customers with such unique needs as choosing the most appropriate lenses for them. Prescription lenses as a tool could enhance traffic and sales.

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