Get started with increasing sales by up to 30%securing more bookingssmartly managing your appointmentsconverting web visitors to buyersowning a compelling Practice websiteputting your Practice in frontdominating Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Taking Opticians to the forefront of what is possible in a digital world of infinite possibilities



    Who We Are

    Raven & Macaw is a fully integrated digital solution exclusively for the Optical Industry. From Raven Optical Management Software (ROMS) to Digital Marketing & Web services, we bring ease right to your doorstep so you can save time, save money and seamlessly save eyes.

    Being born from the collaboration between an Independent Optometrist and a digital marketing specialist with a combined 30+ years in the Optical Industry means we understand exactly where the shoe hurts.

    With our robust tried and tested formula for website development, digital marketing and practice management uniquely for Opticians, we will take you to the forefront of what is possible in a digital world of infinite possibilities. This means beating those noisy competitors, increasing appointments & sales and being at the top of your ideal clients’ mind.

    Our core services

    How we could help your Optical Practice


    Rank higher in search results/Smart advertising for your brand

    Email Marketing

    Convert reach to sales

    Increase your practice profitability

    Get an edge over your competitors with our tailored Optical Digital Marketing, proven methodologies and unique strategies.

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      Digital Marketing
      E-commerce Website
      Raven/Macaw Website
      Social Media Management




      • Digital Marketing Strategy

        SEO Audit
        24 Blogs/1 year

      • Social Media Management

        15 posts/month
        2 Social Media Platform
        1 Paid Facebook Ad
        1 Boost

      • 5 PPC Campaigns/year incl. Setup,
        Management, Monitoring and Optimisation
        + Google Analytics, Landing Pages
        30 Key words
      • 12 Email Campaigns/year
      • Monthly progress tracking report


        Digital Marketing Silver Plan


        • Digital Marketing Strategy

          SEO Audit
          48 Blogs/1 year
          Google My Business Management + Optimisation

        • Social Media Management

          40 posts/month
          3 Social Media Platforms
          3 Paid Facebook Ads
          3 Boosts

        • 30 PPC Campaigns/year incl. Setup,
          Management, Monitoring and Optimisation
          + Google Analytics, Landing Pages
          50 Key words
        • 20 Email Campaigns/year
        • Monthly progress tracking report
          Monthly phone progress review meetings
          Dedicated Account Manager
        • Optical Management Software(Raven)

          Digital Marketing Platinum Plan

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