Websites Vs Landing Pages

Have you ever been stuck between choosing a website or a landing page? To make things clear, a website is like your whole business online, while a landing page is a part of it. However, you may need a website and landing page for a superb online impression.

Although a landing page can be just a part of your website, in some cases, it works better than your website and vice-versa. However, there are times when you may need both for your online presence.

In this article, we will look at what a website and landing page are, their differences and when you need one over the other.

A Website 

It is a set of accessible related web pages containing images, videos, audio, write-ups, or other information/data that individuals can read or retrieve through the internet. A website is made up of web pages.

A website has different functions and can portray almost every idea. For example, businesses use websites to display and explain their products or services and grant individuals access.

A website speaks for you online with relevant features like purchases and customer services.

Landing Page

Unlike a website, a landing page is a simple webpage created for a clear purpose and specific audience. It is usually based on a promotional concept to engage leads. It may and may not be attached to a website.

Landing pages are excellent marketing tools for advertising, generating sales campaigns, and more. They are designed in an accessible and straight format with a CTA for visitors to sign up, download, buy, or purchase.

Difference between Website and Landing page

The Website Landing Page
contains several pages with various purposes. A single page with a single goal.
There are pages on websites that are not focused on conversions. A landing page is focused on conversion.
Information on a website provides everything the visitors need to know. Information is centred around a single offer;
It is created to present an entire business. It is designed to sell products or capture leads.
Several modules and functions. A landing page typically only includes text, images and CTA.


Website or Landing Page

website or

For new users, it may be hard to choose between a website and a landing page. Well, it all depends on the requirements.

For example, a landing page works best for a quick product launch or boosting the online presence of a business. However, a website works best for online business details, selling multiple products, blogging and many more.

-Different types of websites you should know-

When You Need A Website Over A Landing

A website is an excellent tool for telling your brand story. Whether a business or a personal account, the About Us, Mission and Visions pages can provide all the necessary information, your visitors might have about you or your business.

A website serves as an online store. All your products and more can be organised on several pages within it. Every product can be described with its features and a category.

A website can be populated with service pages. Visitors can quickly locate and book your services with quality and clear messages.

A website offers functions and relates you to your customers. You can showcase everything you do or offer and help users locate your business through your website.

A website is to inform and not always sell.

When You Need A Landing Page Over A Website

Ads quality, like PPC, is measured by the linked pages. When launching a new product, discount, location, events, etc., a landing page around the ad will perform better than an entire website.

A landing page works best when you want to grab users’ attention quickly. A landing page provides only what the user wants to see/do. It is also used to generate the best leads. Some forms mostly pop out on landing pages; anytime a user fills out the form, they become a lead.

Website or landing page, at Raven and Macaw, we can help you with both for long-term double profit.



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