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Website Vs. Web Application

websites vs. web applications

There is often confusion between “website” and “web application”, but they refer to two very different things. A website is a collection of static pages displayed to users in their web browser. On the other hand, it is a dynamic and interactive application accessed through a web browser.  What is the difference, then? A website […]

How To Optimise Your Website

how to optimise your website

Over 60% of Google users search for products and services online. Also, around 80% of these people end up in direct, in-store sales or another patronage. So this becomes a good reason to optimise your website. Optimising a website pops up in top searches whenever users search for a related keyword. It is a continuous […]

6 Easy-to-use Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design: what is it? The production of visual compositions for problem-solving and concept communication using text, imagery, colour, and shape is known as graphic design. There are various forms of graphic design, each with a specific area of competence because there is no single best approach to accomplish that. Graphic design is described as […]

Websites Vs Landing Pages

websites vs. landing pages

Have you ever been stuck between choosing a website or a landing page? To make things clear, a website is like your whole business online, while a landing page is a part of it. However, you may need a website and landing page for a superb online impression. Although a landing page can be just […]

Top Free WordPress Plugins For Every Website

wordpress plugins

There is barely a business today that doesn’t need a website. However, it is not just about getting the website. The design, speed, performance, user-friendly, ease of access, security, and more all matter and must be right before a website meets its primary purpose. With so many content management systems (CMS) platforms, WordPress is the […]