6 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website


Hey! Are you thinking about having a professional website for your business? Or an upgrade?

Having a website is essential, but getting it right is more important. The type of website that works for business A mustn’t work for business B because every business is unique. Moreover, so many firms are thriving today thanks to their excellent individual websites.

Before providing you with a website to fly like a Raven, you need to think through a few things, and then we can have a Macaw chit-chat.

Who do you want to Visit your Website?

Without a second thought, this is the first thing to consider before thinking about anything related to creating a website. You must know your business or organisation’s target audience for us to hit the nail of creating a successful website perfectly.

Understanding your audience or customers will significantly affect every step of creating and updating your website.

What will They Do on Your Website?

After understanding your audience well, the next thing to consider is “what should they do on your website?” For example, are they visiting your website to only read and know more about your business and products, or is it an e-commerce website where you want them to purchase your products?

This will assist in knowing the type of information your website will contain, planning how many pages the website will have and the placement of all prominent features. 

Knowing all the necessary navigations will also make it easy for us to create a user-friendly website for your audience. This will also have an impact on achieving the goals of your website.

Have You Heard about Search Engine Optimisation?

If you haven’t, know that it is a vital feature of a successful website. Having a nice-looking website with all the essential features doesn’t automatically mean people will find you from nowhere; it doesn’t work that way.

After creating a website, SEO boosts or improves its traffic and ranks it among other corresponding websites. So, it is as essential as creating the website to optimise its SEO.

Do you wonder how? Think no more; we can also assist you with that.

How About Contents?

Text, images, logo, and tagline. Define your brand identity and provide your audience with all the necessary information. So, sit essentially to think clearly and make good decisions about the contents before creating a website. This will give us more of what your ideas look like and assist in making your website a perfect match.

What Is Special about Your Business?

What will make other people like your business or products? Think about it; If your business or products are the same as corresponding companies, few or no people will pay attention to your website. Therefore, knowing how to make your business unique is essential and will play a huge role in designing your website.

Moreover, every business is supposed to have some unique features. Look at the delivery methods, nature of business, supplemental services, and more. Make yours different from others.

Have you thought about your Future Goals?

A website goes beyond what you want just for now. You will need more than just the current features to achieve more goals. Your future goals are pretty important. Think about what you see your business becoming in the nearest future.

And there you go, easy-peasy. So think through these and let Raven and Macaw do the rest for you.

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