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You started your business with a  great idea and an expectation to generate revenue over time. Ever since the pandemic, you have noticed a shift in buyer behaviour. It is things like this you did not see coming, now stress and sleepless nights are creeping in, and whenever you check your business account, smiling becomes […]


The year is still early; fresh minds are filled with ideas and ready to gear up the business. But then, the business world keeps evolving, and what works today may be in the history books tomorrow; this is why you always need to update your business marketing strategies. Marketing strategies are the steps that lead […]

New Year, New Resolution

It is 2023, yet you don’t feel ready for the months ahead. If you think of all the obstacles you faced in previous years to Japa go dey hungry you. But you have decided to go hard this year. It is easy to come up with a list of things to do or achieve in […]

3 Productivity Apps That Every Business Needs

productivity apps

The success of our businesses can rely on the apps we use. However, there are hundreds of software available, all of which claim to be helpful. Well, the truth is, whether a small or big business, these productivity apps can help your business. Understanding the various business apps and knowing why you want to go […]

5 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty And Trust

Happy customers

We put a lot of emphasis on developing trust and relationships in our daily lives. The adage “don’t associate with someone you don’t trust” applies to interpersonal relationships. Sales and user engagement will drop if consumers believe a brand engages in questionable behaviour or is not transparent. Consumer confidence in a brand is known as […]