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What A Proper Website Should Look Like

what a good website looks like

With millions of website strategies available, you may wonder what an appropriate website should look like. But, before that, do the looks even matter? Well, sure, pretty, you have clicked on some websites and gone “WOW” at first glance; plus, you didn’t have any problem getting what you were looking for, and it felt like […]

Website Vs. Web Application

websites vs. web applications

There is often confusion between “website” and “web application”, but they refer to two very different things. A website is a collection of static pages displayed to users in their web browser. On the other hand, it is a dynamic and interactive application accessed through a web browser.  What is the difference, then? A website […]

How To Optimise Your Website

how to optimise your website

Over 60% of Google users search for products and services online. Also, around 80% of these people end up in direct, in-store sales or another patronage. So this becomes a good reason to optimise your website. Optimising a website pops up in top searches whenever users search for a related keyword. It is a continuous […]